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Ramon L. Baez, C. por A. is the oldest and most prestigious supplier to the printing and publishing industry in the Dominican Republic. Since the 1920’s it has been associated to the development of the printing and publishing industry as a supplier of the best quality raw materials, machinery and auxiliary equipment available in the world.

We have three business units:

1)     Importation, distribution, wholesale, retail and acting as manufacturer’s representatives, exclusive agents and exclusive distributors for the top brand names in the printing, publishing, plastic, converting & packaging industry. We stock over 1000 items and maintain adequate inventory to supply most of the local printers needs. It is our Core Business.
2)     Agents and integrators of fiduciary and electronic security components and systems for government and large private financial institutions. As such we sell banknotes, circulation and collectors coins, passports, passport printers and passport issuance systems. High security identification and access control systems, border control and surveillance systems.
3)     Outsourcing and infrastructure projects:

a) Scanning and digitalization of sensitive documents for government and financial institutions that demand the highest quality, security and confidentiality of their documents while being converted to digital form.
b) We participate in public and large private infrastructure tenders for projects via our international network of suppliers and our well known local standing in the business community.

Our company is registered as a government supplier.

It complies and maintains its compliance capacity with all the new legal requirements to be a Dominican government supplier and to participate in government tenders, under new law, as representatives or agents of any qualified international company wishing to do business with the government of the Dominican Republic.

We have done due-diligence with well known international government suppliers and maintain a clean and impeccable record of compliance with all local and international laws. We follow the best practices applicable to doing business.

We are in the process of registering with all DR-CAFTA and CARICOM countries in order to participate in those countries projects and take advantage of the current international trade agreements that the Dominican Republic is a member.

All of our agency agreements and distribution agreements are dully registered with the International department of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic as required by Law 173 for the protection of agents and distributors. This is also a primary requirement for doing business with the government.

We have negotiated bid and performance bond capacity with local banks and insurance companies.

Our "Registro Nacional de Proveedores" as well as our "Registro Mercantil" are valid as required by Law.

We maintain a valid certificate of being in compliance with the payment of all income, VAT, withholding, Social Security and Family Health insurance Taxes. This certificates are valid only for 30 days. We renew them monthly. This is also a pre-requisite to participate in government tenders and are available upon request to qualified parties.